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Caring skin effectively by mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy treatment is an aesthetic method without surgery to improve beauty and save time as well as cost. Currently, with high social life, demand of beautifying develops increasingly. Simultaneously, beauty technology is getting more diverse with many new kinds of treatment that present outstanding role to make everyone more beautiful, confident and successful in communication and […]

Do you know secret of Hyaluronic Acid? Contact: 0908067070

In recent decades, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is mentioned much in term of beauty and known as a nutrition to moisturize and prevent skin aging effectively. So why does HA have a significant meaning in moisturization and prevention of skin aging? Are they truly anti-aging for the skin? Let’s find out with Skin Science. What is […]

Types of skin and proper care

What kind of skin do you have? Are you using cosmetics that fit your skin? Learn about the types of skin and proper care to rejuvenate the skin and prevent lesions from inside and outside. >>>>>> More: The structure and function of the skin Types of skin and skin care Human skin types are mainly divided […]

Sunlight and skin

What is the effect of sunlight and your skin now? Sunlight plays an important role in human health, such as direct sunlight, which may be beneficial in helping to synthesize vitamin D to help bones strong. However, under today’s environmental conditions, it is important to understand the effects of sunlight and protect the skin from […]

What is the skin like at different ages?

Understand the skin through different stages to preserve and maintain the beauty. What is the skin like at different ages? Here is some information that gives readers a proper look at the properties of skin and skin care in an effective way. >>>>>>>> More: Factors affecting the skin What is the skin like at different ages? […]

Factors affecting the skin

Everyday there are many factors that affect the skin. Because the skin is so fragile, they are susceptible to external influences. We need to protect them to maintain our beauty as well as physical and mental health. Factors affecting the skin Internal Factors Factors affecting the skin from the inside such as genetic factors, hormones, […]