Caring skin effectively by mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy treatment is an aesthetic method without surgery to improve beauty and save time as well as cost. Currently, with high social life, demand of beautifying develops increasingly. Simultaneously, beauty technology is getting more diverse with many new kinds of treatment that present outstanding role to make everyone more beautiful, confident and successful in communication and work, as well.

One of the beauty treatment that most women and men care is mesotherapy. So what is this treatment?

Learning about mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a Minimum Invasive Technology used widely in European countries and other areas in the world. It is used to treat various injuries and was invented by a French Doctor named Michel Pistor in 1952. This beauty treatment transfers ingredient of drugs directly into mesoderm layer of skin and targeted area by a tiny needle.


Mesotherapy Treatment

What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

Doctors usually use Mesotherapy in aim of improving skin issues such as:

  • Aged and saggy skin
  • Thin and dry skin due to lack of water
  • Increase of pigment
  • Flabby muscle and saggy cheek

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Mesotherapy treatment helps:

  • To rejuvenate and recover aged skin
  • To renew black burnt skin
  • To tighten skin
  • To get slender face
  • To moisturize skin
  • To minimize pores
  • To balance water oil on the skin…

When should we start to use mesotherapy treatment?

Internal aging or known as natural aging process is a continuous process beginning from age of 20. At this age, production of collagen and elastin starts slowing down, which lose firmness and smoothness. In addition, regeneration of epidermis layer slows down and new cell are not reproduced on time to replace old ones. The endogenous signs often cannot be found, it silently harms and is seen only after many years.

Mesotherapy and nutrition proved to be beneficial for skin, helps:

– To stimulate fibroblast to produce collagen

– To provide strong oxidizing agent

– To limit increase of pigments

– To provide water for water and fill out small wrinkles on the skin

– To stimulate regeneration of cells

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In order to get high effectiveness, Mesotherapy treatment needs to be implemented by order. An average treatment session is 7-10 days apart in the first 1-2 months. Then it is 6-12 weeks apart to keep effectiveness.

Instead of waiting for appearance of aging signs, the best solution is to care skin periodically and in a long term. Mesotherapy treatment should be repeated yearly after the first positive treatment session.


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