When should the baby skin mesotherapy with HA be applied? What should be noted?


Nowadays, there are many products contain HA and many different types of HA. People always think that it is enough to just apply the products contain HA into the skin which will help the skin to improve its moisture. It is very difficult for any manufacturer of topical products to answer the question “Can HA in topical products penetrate the skin and go to where it is needed?

The baby skin mesotherapy with HA is used by many cosmetic surgeons and women for a smoother and shinier skin.

So, what is the baby skin mesotherapy with HA? How to use the mesotherapy? Let’s Skin Science Solution find out!

What is HA? Does the injection of HA help to have a baby skin?

HA, also known as Hyaluronic Acid, is a naturally occurring biodegradable polymer in the hypodermis of the human body, is an environment necessary to maintain the linking of collagen and elastin. HA can bind up to 1000 times its weight in water.

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Natural aging process or exposure to environmental factors such as pollution and sunlight over time cause the natural levels of HA in the body will reduce the natural levels of HA in the body, causing the skin appear wrinkles and reduced ability to maintain moisture, resulting in thinner skin structure and loss of inherent elasticity.

The baby skin mesotherapy with HA is applied by injecting HA into the dermis with a micro-needle. Cosmetic surgeons can inject directly or can use machines. Depending on the status of each type of skin, cosmetic surgeons will mix with other products, such as for skin with acnes, may be used together with vitamin C, or for aging skin, may be used together with vitamin A and vitamin E …


The injection of HA helps you have a baby skin

How much HA is enough?

Depending on the status of the skin, the amount of HA is usually about of 1-5ml. With over 30 year-old skin, the amount of natural HA is greatly reduced, so the amount of HA be injected is higher than for 20-year-old skin. Its effects can last from 6 to 12 months. Then, you can re-inject it to maintain skin tone by the baby skin mesotherapy.

When should the baby skin mesotherapy with HA be applied?

Skin Science Solution will list the cases should apply the baby skin mesotherapy with HA:

  • Dry skin and dehydrated skin which applied with moisturizing cream but not effective.
  • Before and after travelling at destinations with hot and dry climate.
  • Oily skin due to lack of moisture
  • After ance treatment.
  • Sensitive skin
  • Aging skin with wrinkes and loss of skin elasticity

After the age of 25, it is necessary to apply the HA injection for moisturizing the skin regularly. At this age, the amount of HA in the skin begins to decrease, so you need to provide HA to the skin. It is very expensive and ineffective when starting skin treatment when there is the appearance of wrinkles and aging.

Depending on the status of each type of skin to decide to inject HA. For acne skin, it is not recommended to get an injection of HA when the acne is not treated as this can cause inflammation of the surrounding skin. It is possible to inject HA to restore the skin after treating acnes.

In conclusion, HA is an indispensable element for any type of skin in the baby skin mesotherapy which helps to the skin become firmer and smoother. The injection of HA is applied as soon as possible and let the Skin Science Solution choose the suitable type of HA for you!

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