Types of skin and proper care

What kind of skin do you have? Are you using cosmetics that fit your skin? Learn about the types of skin and proper care to rejuvenate the skin and prevent lesions from inside and outside.

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Types of skin and skin care

Human skin types are mainly divided into four main categories: oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin.

Oily skin

Oily skin has a lot of oil, thick mucus, and is acidic. The skin is oily and proneto acne with large pores. Oily skin is more common in men than in women, especially in puberty due to male hormone activity.

Oily skin can be caused by high intensity of movement, overloading, stress from work. Or it may be due to the hot, humid climate that the body produces more sweat and sebum on the skin.

How to care for oily skin

Clean facial skin, cleanse with facial foam twice a day.

Add rose water to balance the skin and cleanse the pores.

Limit makeup, and use a make-up remover before going to bed carefully and cleanly.

Bring oil absorbent paper to prevent clogged pores. Use tissues to dry the oil and then rinse with cool water several times a day.

Add nutrients that contain vitanmin B2 and B6 for the body.

Limit moisturizer. Because oily skin is very smooth and oily, moisturizing creams make the skin more oily, clogged pores and can cause acne.

Care facial skin regularly.

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Dry skin

Dry skin is less watery and less oily, dry, rough. When you wash your face, you can feel the skin’s irritation and scaly appearance in the middle of the day.

The skin lacks of natural moisturizing ability due to poorly functioning of the sebaceous glands. Susceptible to cracking due to cold weather, easily affected by external stimulation, susceptible to inflammation and redness.

Dry skin is less likely to get pimples and has small pores.

The skin can appear wrinkled and quickly aging if the skin dryness lasts long.

Dry skin care

Limit the use of facial foam too many times a day. Should be used before going to sleep.

Use a moisturizing rose water to help soften the skin.

Add oil to your skin such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, etc.

Combined with the use of skin mask to vitamin supplement.

Avoid sun exposure, limit exposure to the sun when hurt.

Drink as much water as possible, plus vitamin A, E for the body to soften the skin from the inside.

Normal skin

In all skin types, the most popular skin is normal skin. Normal skin often has a healthy beauty, a balance between water and oil. The horny layer is always in full moisture.

How to care

Normal skin is usually the easiest skin type to care. However, it is important to keep the moisture level balanced.

Should maintain the current habit, do not change suddenly which will make the skin  unadaptable.

Skin care with proper diet, enough nutrition. Do not diet and ignore the essential nutrients in fish, green vegetables, ….

Combination skin

Combination skin is a hideous skin for many women. The skin is somewhere dry, somewhere oily, somewhere normal. The T-shaped area contains the most oily, shiny and easy to grow acne.

Combination skin care

Use a facial foam for combination skin 1-2 times a day. Ask for advice from beauty care specialists, dermatologists.

Moisturize the dry skin. Keep the oily area clean.

Enhance skin care by using a facial mask.

In addition to these types of skin, there are other types of skin such as: acne skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, brown spots, …. For different skin types will have different skin care. So you need to know yourself what type of skin you have on order to be able to flexibly monitor and care the skin effectively.


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