Factors affecting the skin

Everyday there are many factors that affect the skin. Because the skin is so fragile, they are susceptible to external influences. We need to protect them to maintain our beauty as well as physical and mental health.

Factors affecting the skin

Internal Factors

Factors affecting the skin from the inside such as genetic factors, hormones, body conditions,etc.


Genetic factors also determine the age of biological aging of the skin, described by the following characteristics:

Determine your skin type.

The function of regeneration and restoration of cells is reduced.

The activity of sweat glands and sebaceous glands are reduced.

The connective tissues degenerate so the skin is less able to hold water, lose firmness.

Elasticity is reduced, so the skin is less bright.

Some skin diseases are determined by genetic factors such as: dermatitis, psoriasis and ichthyosis. There are also other diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure which also affect the condition of the skin.

Factors affecting the skin

Factors affecting the skin

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Hormonal changes can cause more acne than during puberty. Pregnant women can cause hyperpigmentation and affect the skin’s moisture balance. Pregnant women can appear hyperpigmentation which causes melasma.

For menopausal women, the hormone is reduced in the course of biology. Because of this deficiency, the structure of the skin changes and it progresses at times.

External factors

There are factors that affect the skin from the outside such as climate, environment, temperature, chemical agents, daily activities,etc.

UV rays

Free radicals are the molecules responsible for oxidation in body tissues. Healthy skin contains antioxidants, protecting the skin by free radicals.

Skin protection system may be depleted due to excessive sun exposure. It becomes susceptible and tends to be severely affected by exposure to external UV rays. Chronic lesions cause premature aging.


Elements from the temperature affect no less than UV rays. The temperature can rise and fall erratic in the office with the work environment condition of air conditioning. Temperatures change due to cold weather, so the skin is reflective by shrinking the blood vessels so that it does not lose too much heat to the body. However, it reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands and causes the skin to dry out.

In hot weather, the skin responds by sweating to cool the body. Therefore, the acne appears more, maybe red acne.

Chemical effects

The skin has a mild acid nature, with the pH about 5. Cleansers and alkaline moisturizers should be able to neutralize the skin so as not to weaken the functional barrier of the outer skin. If it is affected by these cleansers, the skin is susceptible to dryness, infections, outbreaks of skin diseases such as dermatitis.

The light peeling mask also acts as a damaging agent to skin irritations. Ask your doctor for advice or check the ingredients before use.

Working environment also causes unavoidable damage to the skin and health. The hairdressers, bricklayers or workers often have to come in contact with bleach, solvents, paints and dyes. That is why their skin is susceptible to severe damage.

Regular bathing

If you shower or bath regularly and for too long with hot water, it also causes the skin to lose its natural moisturizing factor. Skin becomes dry and rough.


An unhealthy diet and lack of nutrients can not make normal healthy skin. Studies show some good food for the skin such as fruits, vegetables, rice, fish, foods containing vitamin C and low in fat. Drink plenty of water, limit sweets and dairy items.


Good stress control keeps the skin from acne and sagging problems. Stress has to be reduced by reducing the workload, spending time on recreational activities.

Lazy in movement

Regular exercise has a positive effect on the health of the skin as well as the human body. Eat well, sleep well, do not use stimulants, exercise regularly and and not too much. That is the secret to keep a beautiful skin.

Nourishing a healthy soul is to nourish a healthy, natural complexion. Factors affecting the skin can be derived from the outside or inside. What we need to notice is to limit these effects and take proper care of the body, maintaining the beauty of the skin.

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