How to treat face skin aging

Wrinkles, suntanned and freckle areas,…are signs of skin aging which most women can see. The skin aging is the law of nature and very difficult to decode. However,The women can control this process by caring it. Below are suggestions about how to treat face skin aging by nature which are very safe and effective.

How to treat face skin aging by olive oil

Olive oil is very good for health, especially for skin. Olive oil contains vitamin A and vitamin E which prevent oxidation and free radicals for damage of skin. Use of olive oil is the method of face skin treatment which is believed by most women. You only need to apply olive oil directly on vulnerable skin area and smoothly massage so that extract can penetrate on skin deeply. Extract of olive oil will moisturize and recover and reproduce cell of vulnerable skin area if you are persistent to use for a long time.

How to treat face skin aging

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How to treat face skin aging by Vera

Vera (also known as aloe) has many uses for making your face skin beautiful. The Vera contains axit malic which decrease wrinkles and improve elasticity for skin. Treatment of face skin aging by using Vera is also very simple. You only need cut a thin piece of Vera, take gel and apply on whole face skin, smoothly massage and focus on skin areas of early aging such as: areas around eyes, corner of mouth, forehead,… Wash by warm water after 15-20.

How to treat face skin aging by ginger

Ginger is a very popular product with people. It not only keeps body warm and make food more delicious,… but also is an effective panacea to prevent aging. Ginger contains a high volume of oxidation extract which help prevent from loss of elastin – one of the main causes for formation of wrinkles on the skin.

It is very simple to treat face skin aging. There are 2 options: you can use a glass of ginger water combined with honey every morning or use ginger tea twice a day How to treat face skin aging by pineapple

Pineapple is a good fruit for health, especially pineapple juice is not only effective on heat dissipation but also safe weight loss for women. Similarly, pineapple can promote elasticity well and moisturize skin, especially for dead cells to make skin fresh and full of vitality.

It is very easy to treat face skin aging by pineapple. You can scrape pulp of pineapple on aged skin areas, wait for 15-20 mins until it dries, or apply pineapple juice on skin about 5 minutes and then wash by warm water.

How to treat face skin aging by water

It does not take 5 minutes to do. If you are persistent to supplement water for your body, your skin is also improved. Water keeps moisture of skin and makes it stretch and smooth. If your body lack of water, it will present clearly on skin which will be graded and older quickly.

In addition to treatment of face skin aging by nature, you should avoid direct sunlight, balance your life such as: doing exercise regularly, relaxing and having a good nutrition diet. Healthy life is the golden dosage for skin, therefore, please cherish your body and health!

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