How to prevent skin aging

How to prevent skin aging is one of the topics that most women concern, because the skin tends to be aged and vulnerable after 25 years old if there is no right care. Here are some tips to keep your youthful skin youthful and prevent skin aging simply and effectively.

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Causes of skin aging

Aging is a progress over time that human cannot prevent. The only thing we can do is to protect and control it, especially for women because beauty is always important for them. The skin aging originates from variety of causes such as: ages, polluted environment, overload working, regular staying-up-late, pressure, stress,… or due to abuse of cosmetics.

How to prevent skin aging

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How to prevent skin aging

An aged skin will be the most visible on the face, especially they are wrinkles on forehead, around eyes area and corner of mouth,… The methods below to prevent skin aging will help you get a desired skin.

  1. Staying away from cigarettes

All people know that the cigarettes contain nicotine which is very bad for health. It takes vitamin and minerals, which causes loss of skin moisture and makes it become rough and dry with suntanned areas and the wrinkles, therefore, appear. In addition, toxins in smoke also have direct impact on surface of skin making aging process faster.

  1. Protect skin from sunlight

The method to preventing skin aging which should to be kept in mind is protecting skin UV rays. When going out, although it is not sunny, you should wear the mask, hat, glass and use sun block to protect your skin. Let’s practice it as a habit, otherwise your skin is aged soon.

  1. Avoid staying up late

The girls who are over 20 years old often stay up late regularly and use mobile, computer at night, which not only have impact on health but degrade skin.

Staying up late is not good for health, especially skin. Therefore, let’s spend time relaxing and go to bed on time so that skin can recover and reproduce new cells.

  1. Moisturizing skin

A dry skin will form wrinkles quicker, therefore, moisturizing is a necessary and effective method to prevent skin aging. You can use moisturizing scream or oils such as: olive oil, coconut oil, honey,… Especially, you have to supply for your body enough water, round 2-2.5 litres/day. This makes skin healthier and smooth everyday.

  1. Supplementing vegetables and fresh fruits everyday

Some types of vegetables and fresh fruits such as: celery, tomato, carrot, banana, pineapple,… will prevent skin aging as well as make your body heathier and prevent diseases

  1. Doing exercises regularly

This is a good habit for health because it excretes toxins and makes skin stronger. According to study: doing exercises prevents aging process of body, therefore, you should select a type of sports in conformity with your physical. Especially, office staff should move more so that body can be more flexible.

  1. Keeping mind free and fresh

Pressure and stress are the main causes of early skin aging. Therefore, you should live healthily to make your mind fresh and happy.

We hope that 7 useful advices mentioned above will help you know how to prevent skin aging simply every day and use them in reality.

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