Face skin rejuvenation

Women’s desire to own a healthy and fresh skin could be made come true immediately if they know simple and save tips of face skin rejuvenation below.

Situation of skin aging

Skin aging is a nightmare for many girls at all ages. But in fact, there are many factors that make such nightmare come true such as staying up late, using mobile, computer with high frequency, having a bad diet and effects of sunlight,… All of them are factors for early skin aging.

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Face skin rejuvenation is a topic concerned by most women, but wrong implementation can cause side effects and promote speed of aging process. In the modern life, many girls have abuse of cosmetics or use inappropriate beauty products containing toxins without clear original,… this is the main factor make skin vulnerable and difficult for recovery.

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Face skin rejuvenation

Secret for face skin rejuvenation

According to statistics, the women of over 30 years old have signs of skin aging, but in fact they can appear earlier at age of 20-25 years old: suntanned areas, tortoise-shell, dry skin, scabrous, acnes,…

So which is the best method of face skin rejuvenation? Please refer 5 secrets to beautify from nature below.

  1. Face skin rejuvenation from nature

There are many beauty methods from natures which are very useful for skin such as: coconut oil, olive oil, coffee, fresh milk, no sweeten yogurt, honey, pomegranate, banana, pineapple, Vera, ginger, almond,… These products are quite easy to find and useful in daily life. Especially, face skin rejuvenation from nature does not irritate the skin, and can be used at home with cheaper expense in comparison to other cosmetics and beauty technologies.

  1. Face skin rejuvenation by massage

Massage is an useful method for taking care of skin and protecting and preventing aging. If girls are not able to come spa, they can do it at home. They should do massage on skin around eyes, mouth, forehead and cheek to stretch skin and minimize wrinkles. This is also a way to relax after a hard-working day.

Women can combine massage with nourishing mask to enhance efficiency of face skin rejuvenation. Everyday, you should spend 10-20 minutes for smooth massage to make blood circulation good and promote reproduction of collagen for healthy, smooth and elastic skin.

  1. Steam for face skin rejuvenation

Steam will make your skin fresh, and excrete toxins and dust. Types of herbs used for steam are: orange peel, mint, rose, lavender,… Taking steam in 3-5 minutes then using a thin towel covering whole face and relax about 1-2 minutes. Finally, wash by water.

  1. Have a healthy lifestyle

Face skin rejuvenation does not just depend on beauty methods, even in our mind, we d’ better have a healthy lifestyle. In order to keep a healthy, fresh skin, you should: avoiding sunlight, not staying up late, minimizing pressure, stress, balancing diet and drinking much water per day.

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