Products for rebuilding post-acne skin

Acne is a terrible obsession of the women, especially post-acne skin is the extremely sensitive and damaged skin so it needs the support of the products for rebuilding post-acne skin. Acne is not only “raging” but also creates ugly acne bruises, even causing chloasma and dilation of pores.

Why should take care after post-acne skin?

Acne is caused by a blockage of the sebaceous glands on the skin causing accumulation of dead cells in the hair follicles. Acne is a sign of dermatitis, including whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules…

After squeezing, acne will disappear but leave scars, bruises, and damage the skin. To solve these problems, you need the help of the products for rebuilding post-acne skin, because at that time, the skin is very sensitive and needs a lot of nutrients to restore and rebuild a new shiny and healthy skin.

The post-acne skin will be restored quickly if you know how to skincare, or not it will suffer severe damage and be difficult for repair later.

Products for rebuilding post- acne skin

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Products for rebuilding post – acne skin

You can completely clear acne bruises after a week with the following products for rebuilding post-acne skin:

  1. Chemical Exfoliate

Exfoliation is one of the important steps to take care of your skin, especially post-acne skin, every day. This is a product for rebuilding post-acne skin which helps cleaning acne bruises and scars.

However, you have to know how to exfoliate your skin without any side effects. After makeup cleansing step, use a wet cotton towel, then apply dead skin remover gel. Massage all over the face, especially the acne skin area in 10-15 minutes, then clear the skin with warm water.

  1. Using face masks

There are many products for rebuilding post-acne skin, in which face mask is a product can not be ignored. You can choose natural masks such as: face masks made of turmeric, yoghurt, honey, green tea, potato, and cucumber to restore and rebuild the damaged skin. In addition, you should consider the ingredients irritating to the skin and the expiry date the when choosing pre-packaged masks.

  1. Acne and star cream

If acne leaves bruises and scars, you should use acne and star creams to you skin. You should apply the acne and star creams immediately after squeezing acnes for the best effect. For products for rebuilding post-acne skin, you should carefully select and learn about how to use.

You should choose bruises and scars cream products are extracted from turmeric, vitamin C, E, A. You can use natural products such as garlic or heartleaf extract to apply bruises and scars.

  1. Healthy diet

Although diet does not directly affect the skin but it is very important for a beautiful and clear skin. In particular, one of the most important products for rebuilding post-acne skin is water. You should drink a plenty of water every day to eliminate toxins in your body.

In addition to the skincare, you should avoid spicy, hot, and fried food, eat more food rich in collagen such as tofu, soybeans, seafood, and spinach…

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