Skin aging is going happen nevertheless, event it’s faster and hard to resist if you are not aware of it soon.

Here are some skincare tips to keep your youth.

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When should you start skin care?

You can see your face changes in your 25s such as changes in skin tone, freckles, pigmentation, even wrinkles. These problems will become increasingly serious if you do not have proper skincare tips. To keep a healthy skin, a secret that everyone should keep in mind is “prevention rather than cure”, you can use skincare products from the start of puberty. Skincare should be made as soon as possible and do not hesitate to start and prepare for your skin today.


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Best skincare products

  1. Cleaning products

The first skincare product is water cleaner. There are many people mistaken that use only cleanser or soap to clean the face. Even if you do not apply any cosmetics, be sure to use a regular makeup remover every day to remove any oil or dirt on your skin. However, you should choose a suitable product for your skin. You should choose amild-to-skin, dirt-repellent product without sacrificing the natural oil that protects the skin.

  1. Sunscreen

Sunlight is the most dangerous factor for aging skin so you should use sunscreen as soon as possible, and anytime, anywhere to radiation can not affect your skin.

Các bạn nên lưu ý chọn loại kem chống nắng phù hợp với thể trạng da.

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps reducing bruises, freckles and helps the skin become stretcher and brighter. In order to have the best skincare tips and the skin is not deficient in vitamin C, you should protect the skin from environmental damage, especially sunlight.

When using vitamin C, you should apply a thin layer, tap to penetrate the skin, then apply sunscreen.

  1. Retinol or retinoid creams

Best skincare products for rebuilding the skin recommended by most experts contain retinol or retinoid. This ingredient will stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, fight against aging, and protect and nourish the skin healthy, smooth and fresh. However, retinol has undesirable effects so you should consult specialists to select the best product suits your skin and should use it properly to bring the best results.

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